Azmi Haq


In a world as diverse as ours, there is always a danger of serious disconnect between people – It is of concern: the rise of the modem ghetto worries us – the walls are getting thicker as isolation among communities rises. Salon Camden is an attempt to build communication bridges between individuals from diverse backgrounds – its an effort to provide a platform to citizens from across divides – offering an opportunity to intermingle – generating an ongoing dialogue on issues that boldly question our intellect, our emotions and above all, our values!

Kawai Lam


Salon Camden to me is a great concept and a distinct opportunity. It emboldens me to push boundaries. It enables people to come together to discuss, debate and dissect topics that impact our collective experience. It is one of those rare events that truly enriches the experience of living in this city.

Chris Sinclair


Salon Camden is a place where people with different views from different backgrounds come together as one to share an idea, a good laugh and a delcious glass of wine. As a volunteer it enables me to interact with diversity. This helps me see the world through an ever evolving prism.

Mahreen Haq


Salon Camden is about engaging its participants in passionate discussions. We choose topics, both micro and macro, that in our opinion need deeper understanding. Its fascinating to be a part of Salon Camden team and the fabulous process of programming.

Noor Haq


I have this obsession With Plato’s symposium. The Salon for me is modem version of it. A dialogue that requires us to come face to face with varied facets. We learn and strive to understand the ideas at play in an ever-changing landscape of our city and beyond. As global as our Salon can be, for me, at its heart is the desire to better Toronto. We do this by expanding our minds and inspiring conversation.
Are you up for it?